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Send Rat Infested Lyubov Orlova Ghost Ship to China

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The Lyubov Orlova is a ghost ship that has been adrift in the North Atlantic for about a year.  It was built in 1976  and named after a Soviet female actress and singer.  Lyubov Orlova roughly translates to fallopian tubes, according to a pamphlet I found laying on the ground. The ship is believed to be empty except for a plethora of rats.  Read more

China Current Events: December 16

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China deploys ‘highly efficient’ rover onto Moon’s surface

Experts say China’s ability to soft-land a spacecraft on the Moon represents a major step forwards for a country that appears determined to push deeper and deeper into space

Dishwashers in high demand in Hong Kong amid shortage

People who wash dishes at restaurants in Hong Kong can be paid as much as HK$20,000 (US$3,295) per month due to the loca labor shortage, reports Shanghai’s China Business News.

21 workers killed in gas blast at Chinese mine

An official says a gas explosion at a coal mine in western China has killed 21 workers.  The workers were earlier reported trapped by the blast in Xinjiang region’s Changji prefecture. Twelve others escaped the explosion early Friday.

Leaked video of soldiers torturing recruits causes outrage in China

Leaked videos of Chinese soldiers torturing a new recruit has sent shock waves across the country with many asking why the army allows hooligans in its ranks.

China detains 1,300 people suspected of making, selling fake drugs

Chinese police have rounded up more than 1,300 suspects nationwide for producing and selling fake medicine as part of an intensified government crackdown, state media reported.

Domestic abuse cases on the rise as children are starting to hit back

In China, it is not uncommon for parents to discipline their children physically. Hitting means cherishing, scolding means loving, goes the common Chinese saying, “da shi teng, ma shi ai.”



China Current Events April

Posted on | April 14, 2013 | Comments Off

Michael Jordan’s China Lawsuit Takes a Sad Turn

You may recall that Michael Jordan sued a Chinese sportswear company in 2012, claiming that they infringed upon Jordan’s Chinese name and several logos that were similar to those used by Jordan or his sponsors.  Read more

Asian Megacities. Seoul vs. Shanghai vs. Beijing

Excellent/fascinating/incisive/development analysis of why Seoul is constantly becoming a “nicer” city and why Shanghai and Beijing are not.  Whatever the explanation (the writer attributes it to politics), I think he (Guy Sorman) has totally nailed it in this City Journal article, entitled, “Asian Megacities:  How politics has shaped the growth of Shanghai, Beijing, and Seoul.”  Read more


China Current Events

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Current Events in China: April 1

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Now In China’s Rivers: Decomposing Humans

“Based on our overall measuring results in past years, water quality not only remained normal, but in some cases has even improved,” said Li Lei, deputy environmental bureau chief of Lanzhou, last week.  Read more

China’s losing battle against state-backed polluters

When Zijin Mining Group threatened to move its headquarters some 270 kms from its home county of Shanghang to Xiamen on China’s southeast coast, a local Communist Party boss rushed to confront the company’s chairman Chen Jinghe.  Read more

In China, anger grows over abuse of street vendors

In a country infamous for heavy-handed officials, the government employees who harass and sometimes beat and extort money from street vendors are among the most despised.  Read more

Deforestation to blame for Beijing’s pollution

Xun Zhou says the smog and dust that now plague Beijing can be traced back to the massive deforestation during the Great Leap Forward that left China scarred by environmental disaster.  Read more

New tax alarms China housing market

New government policy to impose capital gains tax driving China’s real estate market into frenzy.  Read more

1 dead, 82 buried by Tibet landslide

Rescuers in mountainous Tibet digging for victims of a massive landslide at a gold mining site found one body Saturday, a day after 83 workers were buried in the disaster, Chinese state media reported. The fate of the other victims was unknown.  Read more

New avian flu strain kills two in China

Two people in China have died after being infected with H7N9 avian influenza – a subtype that had not previously been transmitted to humans – the government said on Sunday.  Read more

China’s Xi signs multimillion-dollar deals in Congo

China’s new President Xi Jinping on Friday signed deals worth several million dollars with his Congolese counterpart in sectors as varied as banking and infrastructure, on the final leg of his three-nation Africa tour.  Read more







Current Events in China: March 29

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Why China Is Finally Abandoning Its One Child Policy

One of the first announcements by the new administration taking charge in China this month was that the one child policy, which has been in effect since 1979, will be phased out. The end of this most repulsive of social policies is good news for human rights in China, but it seems to be motivated not on humanitarian grounds, but rather, because it has saddled China with unintended consequences that will weigh heavily on that nation for decades.  Read more

As the Pace of China’s Junk Bond Sales Grows, So Do Worries

It has an all-too-familiar ring. Investors in search of better interest rates rush to risky, high-yield bonds, raising worries that the market is overheated.  Read more

China’s Massive Water Problem

This month, a hundred years after the completion of the Panama Canal, China is expected to finish the first phase of its gigantic South-North Water Transfer Project, known in Chinese as Nanshui beidiao gongcheng — literally, “to divert southern water north.”  Read more

China’s Glass Ceiling

“It’s over for America,” a Chinese academic told me in late 2008, two days after Goldman Sachs turned itself into a commercial bank in order to fend off possible collapse. “From here on, it’s all downhill.” Sitting in Beijing as American capitalism seemed to be hanging by a thread, it was easy to believe that one era was ending and another beginning.  Read more

Down Goes ‘Grandfather House’

One of a “family” of Chinese officials suspected of amassing vast property portfolios through corruption has been fired from his job and kicked out of the Communist Party amid renewed promises from the country’s new leadership to continue a crackdown on graft.  Read more

Xi adds Tanzanian pearl to Indian Ocean strategy

After obtaining the right to operate the Pakistani port of Gwadar, China has signed a new deal with Tanzania to develop its port of Bagamoyo, which has the potential to become another naval base for Beijing’s “string of pearls” strategy, according to our sister paper China Times.  Read more

Beijing denies price hike after run on natural gas

China’s top economic planner on Wednesday denied rumors of a substantial rise in natural gas prices after a related news report caused residents in some cities to stand in long lines to buy fuel.  Read more

Chinese partner tainted baby formula: Swiss firm

The Chinese partner of Hero Group, a major Swiss baby formula manufacturer, has been accused of adulterating Hero’s production and a senior official has been detained, state media said Thursday.  Read more







Current Events in China: March 28

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Video captures China sinkhole tragedy

A 25-year-old man in China has died after a sinkhole opened up and swallowed him.
See video

Chinese navy makes waves in South China Sea

A Chinese navy flotilla is conducting military drills at an island chain that is claimed by nearby Malaysia in a rare and provocative visit to the southernmost part of the South China Sea.  Read more

A Few Foreigners Are Leaving China …

 Hey look! Another foreigner in China has decided to leave the country! This morning, CNN Money published an account by Mac van der Chijs, a Dutch entrepreneur and co-founder of the video-sharing website Tudou, and a person who has decided to leave Beijing for the unknown wilds of Vancouver, (ostensibly to sit under blue skies and feed Mandarin ducks, as Beijing Cream’s Anthony Tao wryly put it) van der Chijs’ reasoning is pretty simple.  Read more

If U.S. Wages Rose as Fast as China’s, Factories Would Now Pay $50 an Hour

Bloomberg’s Kevin Hamlin and Xin Zhou today bring readers to central China, where they chase down factories spreading to new locales as employers fight China’s labor squeeze.  Read more

One killed, 19 injured as 6.1 earthquake hits central Taiwan

A woman was killed and 19 other people sustained minor injuries Wednesday when a magnitude 6.1 earthquake jolted central Taiwan, according to statistics released by the National Fire Agency.  Read more

20 jailed in China’s restive Xinjiang on secession and terrorism charges

China has sentenced 20 men to terms of up to life imprisonment for involvement in terrorism and “inciting secession” in the country’s ethnically divided western region of Xinjiang, state media said.  Read more

Former U.S. Defense Chief: Time for Quiet Diplomacy on Cyber Attacks

Former U.S. Defense Secretary William Cohen just finished a week’s stay in Beijing where cybersecurity was at the top of his agenda in meetings with foreign policy experts here.  Read more

Chinese Students Struggle for Returns on Education in U.S.

Mere figures tell a complex story of explosive migration, wealth and cultural value in the East as the number of Chinese students attending U.S. colleges has grown exponentially in recent years. But tangible returns on such hefty educational investments have yet to be seen.  Read more

China Current Events: March 27

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China, Vietnam Clash Over Disputed Islands

China is once again at odds with a maritime neighbor over disputed islands, this time — as often — leading to a little shooting and a lot of posturing.  Read more

China’s exploitation of Latin American natural resources raises concern

Economic benefits countered by environmental damage and fears over lopsided nature of trade relations with Beijing.  Read more

Chinese scientists unlock key genetic code of wheat

Scientists from China and the United States have mapped a key genetic code for bread wheat, a discovery that will help improve the crop’s productivity and ability to withstand extreme conditions.  Read more

China takes another swipe at Apple

China has used state media to launch a stinging attack on Apple, in a further sign that Beijing is unhappy with the iPhone maker’s influence in the country’s smartphone market.  Read more

31 arrested for deadly mine blast in SW China

Thirty-one people who were found responsible for a deadly mine blast last year have been transferred to judicial organs, according to an investigation report released Tuesday by the State Council.  Read more

Shadow Loans Hard to Squelch in China City Hit by Suicide

Zhou Xiang is playing with his mobile phone in a room just big enough for a desk and chairs at the year-old Wenzhou Private Lending Registration Center. Not a single prospective customer has shown up for hours.   Read more

Maybe China’s GDP Data Isn’t Fake After All

Chinese economic data is often questioned by skeptics who believe government statisticians massage the numbers to make the Communist Party look like it’s  doing a good job at bringing prosperity to its many citizens.  Read more

China Current Events: March 26

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China Reportedly To Buy Russian Subs, Fighter Jets

China has reportedly signed a deal to buy new submarines and Sukhoi Su-35 fighter jets from Russia, the first such arms deal in nearly a decade.  Read more

Myanmar pivots uneasily away from China

Long in the shadow of its powerful neighbor, the increasingly open, independent country finds itself unable to completely pull away.  Read more

Crackdown begins on illegal reproductive clinics in China

The Beijing Health Bureau raided a clinic illegally offering assisted reproductive services in Dongcheng district on Monday.  Read more

China’s first lady steals limelight on overseas tour

Peng Liyuan emerges as trendy contrast to her predecessors during Xi Jinping’s first trip abroad since becoming president.  Read more

HK court rejects landmark maid residency bid

Hong Kong’s top court Monday rejected a bid to give hundreds of thousands of foreign maids the right to live in the city permanently, angering activists who said the ruling amounted to discrimination.  Read more

Dead ducks in Chinese river as Shanghai swine flow ebbs

At least 1,000 dead ducks were found floating in a Chinese river, state media reported Monday, after Shanghai said it had almost finished recovering thousands of deceased pigs from its main waterway.  Read more

Welsh singer takes China’s Got Talent by storm

A Welsh singer has achieved an unlikely notoriety in China after his performances of Communist revolutionary songs on a TV talent show shot him to fame.  Read more

Taiwan attacked by hackers 3.4 million times a year

Taiwan is the victim of more hacker attacks than any other country in the world, with 3.44 million attacks per year, sources from the national security authorities said.  Read more


Current Events in China: March 25

Posted on | March 24, 2013 | Comments Off

Behind China’s Switch to High-End Exports

As rising labor costs push manufacturing of T-shirts, jeans and the like out of China, the country has been able to offset that loss by grabbing the high end.  Read more

Search for love in China fuels ‘ghost marriages’; grave robbing

Wei Guohua finally found his Mrs. Right – almost 10 years after he died.

Led by a rooster, Wei Guohua’s children brought the remains of his bride and buried them inside his tomb in Yulin, a town in Shannxi province, on Nov. 14, 2012.  Read more

China’s hidden debt risk

China is experiencing elevated debt risk marked by high levels of accumulated local-government and corporate debt.  Read more

China can afford to let its bubble economy burst

 Andy Xie says China should wean itself off the bubble economy that’s now doing more harm than good, by tightening its money supply and restraining its rampaging state sector.  Read more

Tibetan Mother of 4 Self-Immolates in Western China

Tibetan sources say a 30-year-old mother of four set herself ablaze Sunday in China’s western Sichuan province, in an apparent protest against Chinese rule in Tibet.  Read more







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