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China Current Events: May 8

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Chen Guangcheng fears detained nephew may be tortured

Chinese activist recovering after house arrest says he is concerned about ‘lawlessness’ in home province of Shandong.  Read more

Formaldehyde-tainted cabbage scandal sparks alarm in China

Cabbage sellers in China have been caught spraying their product with formaldehyde to keep it fresh during long trips to market in the country’s latest food safety scandal.  Read more

China dissident’s escape ‘more exciting than Shawshank Redemption’

The woman who drove blind Chinese activist Chen Guangcheng to Beijing after his dramatic escape from house arrest in eastern China told how she sat down with security officers afterwards to watch the jailbreak movie, “The Shawshank Redemption.”  Read more

Chinese demand for metals continues with country ‘set to avoid hard landing’

The eurozone crisis is flaring up once more. China has cut its growth target from 8pc to 7.5pc a year, and global economic sentiment is fragile to say the least.  Read more

The Dirty Truth about Water Quality

China plans to adopt stricter quality standards for drinking water in July, but treatment facilities nationwide are hard-pressed to meet existing criteria. Experts say half of the country’s water supply plants cannot meet current standards.    Read more

China students ‘drugged’ before university entrance exams

An investigation is underway after shocking images of teenagers in a late night study session taking intravenous injections while studying for the National College Entrance Exam circulated on the Internet, Beijing Times reported on Monday.  Read more

Gang had new take on gutter oil

Police have rounded up a 20-member gang on suspicion of manufacturing and selling “gutter oil” in East China’s Zhejiang province, prosecutors announced over the weekend.  Read more

Ambassador derided as ‘banana’ by Chinese TV reporter

US Gary Locke, the United States ambassador to Beijing, has been derided as a “banana” by Qin Feng, the niece of former Chiense foreign minister Li Zhaoxing.  Read more

China to deploy factory ship in South China Sea

China is deploying a factory ship and a fleet of support vessels to join its existing fishing fleet in the South China Sea amid an ongoing territorial dispute between China and neighboring countries.  Read more

Dead bird tests positive for H5N1 virus in Hong Kong

A carcass of a crested myna found on April 27 in Hong Kong was confirmed to be H5N1-positive after a series of laboratory tests, the

China’s first deep-water rig to drill in South China Sea

The first deep-water drilling rig developed in China will be put into service in the South China Sea on Wednesday, the country’s largest offshore oil producer said Monday.  Read more

city’s Agriculture, Fisheries and Conservation Department said Monday.  Read more


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