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Current Events in China: June 7

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Top China dissident from Tiananmen democracy protests found dead

Leading Chinese dissident Li Wangyang, jailed for more than 22 years after the 1989 Tiananmen democracy protests, died in strange circumstances in central China on Wednesday, his family and rights groups said.  Read more

Claims of tear gas, blasts as 12 kids hurt in raid on China Muslim school

Staff at a religious school in heavily Muslim far western China set off explosives to fend off a police raid Wednesday and 12 children were burned, state media reported. An overseas rights group, however, blamed tear gas used by paramilitary forces for the injuries.  Read more

Australia talks up China “trust” amid spy fears

Australia talked up relations with China Wednesday after reports that Defence Minister Stephen Smith was so worried about security he left his phone and laptop in Hong Kong ahead of a visit. Read more

Report: Dozens Arrested After Riot at Foxconn Factory

Dozens of workers at a Foxconn plant in Chengdu, China were arrested this week after a clash with security staff, according to a report.  Read more

The Great Wall of China more than twice as long as thought

The Great Wall of China is more than twice as long as originally thought, as the first attempt to measure all of its various fortifications found it added up to more than 13,000 miles, built over the course of 13 dynasties.  Read more

E-commerce sites in China conceal poor seller ratings

China’s e-commerce sites have reportedly been concealing negative ratings for some sellers, a practice that has become widespread in the industry, according to the Beijing Daily.  Read more

China eyes reclaiming land from sea to drive industrial growth

Rolling through nine provinces from its origin in the Tibetan glaciers the great Yangtze River travels 6,300 kilometers before it flows into the East China Sea. Shanghai is located just south of its right bank at the confluence. On the left bank is Jiangsu province, a vast fertile plain largely created by the silt carried down over centuries by the Yangtze — about 170 million cubic meters every year.  Read more

China steps up efforts to keep officials from leaving country

China prosecutors say that 18,487 officials have been caught since 2000 while allegedly trying to flee overseas with ill-gotten gains, according to one report.  Read more

China may consider flexible pension system

A Chinese government agency has revealed that it will propose a more flexible pension system to central authorities at an appropriate time to keep a balance between employment and expected shortfall in retirement payments.  Read more


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