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China Current Events: June 13

Posted on | June 13, 2012 | No Comments

Chinese police bust trafficking scheme, arresting 23 for smuggling guns from US

Chinese police on Tuesday announced the arrests of 23 people as part of a joint U.S.-Chinese investigation into a gun trafficking ring that smuggled dozens of firearms into the country.  Read more

‘Crouching Tiger’ actress denies paid sex with Bo

China’s roaring sex and political scandal took a new turn with world famous actress Zhang Ziyi suing Hong Kong’s leading newspaper Apple Daily and its sister weekly Next Magazine over reports that she exchanged sex for money with the purged Communist Party strongman Bo Xilai.  Read more

‘Forced abortion’ picture causes uproar in China

Graphic images posted online showing the bloody corpse of a baby whose mother was allegedly forced to terminate her pregnancy at seven months have caused an uproar in China.  Read more

China soccer match-fixing: former football chief and top players jailed

Nan Yong given 10 years for taking $235,000 in bribes, while ex-captain, other players and officials get up to nine years.  Read more

The clean-up begins on China’s dirty secret – soil pollution

The Bonn Challenge is a global land restoration initiative that aims to tackle the issue that is increasingly concerning scientists.  Read more

Hollywood gripped by pressure system from China

To appease China and gain access to moviegoers and financing, movies include positive references to the nation (no Chinese villains!) and face censorship.  Read more

China Stocks Rise to One-Week High; Power Shares Gain

China’s stocks rose, driving the benchmark index to its biggest gain in a month, on speculation the government will ease monetary policy and increase spending for infrastructure to stem the slowdown in the economy.  Read more

China Makes Golf History Twice in One Week

China, a country once renowned for its proletarian pride, is experiencing a surge in that most patrician of sports: golf.  Read more

Airbus supports China’s opposition to EU carbon emissions tax

Airbus fully supports China’s stance in opposing the European Union’s plan to tax international airlines under its Emissions Trading Scheme (ETS), one of the company’s executives said Tuesday.  Read more

More rich Chinese buy US property

China has emerged as one of the fastest-growing sources of international buyers for US real estate – in what some see as a sign that China’s rich are increasingly seeking to take their money out of the country.  Read more


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