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Current Events in China: July 5

Posted on | July 4, 2012 | No Comments

Chinese ships patrol disputed waterway

A combat-ready Chinese patrol reached reefs and islands in the center of the Spratly archipelago on Tuesday and immediately began to assert China’s sovereignty over the disputed area in the West Philippine Sea (South China Sea).  Read more

China’s controversial Three Gorges dam completed

Final turbine of £38bn mega-dam, whose construction displaced at least 1.3 million people, is connected to power grid.  Read more

Hubei Confronts Its Lake Disappearing Act

The last lakes in Hubei Province are shrinking so fast that no one knows whether new government regulations – the latest leg of a 16-year-old environmental scramble – can reverse the disappearing act.  Read more

Likely to see RRR Cut in China Soon

Apple suffers from slow expansion into China

Apple Inc. has more retail stores in Pennsylvania than in all of China — where it earns a fifth of its revenue — and a slow pace of expansion may cost the firm more than just sales.  Read more

Game maker Activision brings hit first-person shooter ‘Call of Duty’ to Chinese Web users

Activision is bringing its popular “Call of Duty” series to China as a free online game.  Activision Blizzard Inc. said Tuesday that it will publish the game through a partnership with Tencent Holdings Ltd., a Chinese online game company.  Read more

Thieves in China steal peaches worth $15k

Peach of a robbery! Three unemployed men who stole 15kg of peaches from an agricultural research institute in China were oblivious to the fact that the fruit was worth over $15,000 and 10 years’ of research.  Read more

Beijing introduces recycling banks that pay subway credits for bottles

Recycling firm hopes to improve profits by bypassing informal network of bottle collectors.  Read more

The dirty truth about China’s incinerators

The boom in polluting waste-to-energy plants in China has led to a backlash from residents, including one man’s long-running legal crusade.  Read more

Hand, foot, mouth disease kills 240

At least 240 people, mainly children younger than 5 years old, have died from hand, foot and mouth disease from January to May as China enters a peak season of the epidemic, the Ministry of Health has said.  Read more

90% of China’s restaurants not profitable

90% of China’s restaurants and catering enterprises have failed to make profits in the past two years, reports Shanghai’s First Financial Daily.  Read more

90% of Chinese reject 65-yr retirement age

More than 90% of interviewees said that they were against the idea of prolonging the legal retirement age to 65 years in China, the Nanfang Daily reported on July 3.  Read more




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