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China Current Events: July 19

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US man tortured in Chinese custody: lawyer

Police in southern China have tortured a Chinese-American businessman who is in custody suspected of leading an organised crime gang, his lawyer said on Wednesday.  Read more

Average Chinese person’s carbon footprint now equals European’s

The per capita emissions of the world’s largest national emitter is almost on a par with the European average, new figures show.  Read more

Patrick Devillers returns to China as witness in Bo Xilai case

A French architect with ties to the family of Bo Xilai has flown to China to be a potential witness in the case against the politician and his wife.  Read more

Fears of Chinese media crackdown ahead of leadership transition

The apparent toppling of two senior newspaper executives in Shanghai has triggered claims that Chinese authorities are conducting a pre-emptive crackdown on the media in the lead up to this year’s crucial leadership transition.  Read more

There’s no lake placid for angry Chinese

The Chinese sometimes display a remarkable tolerance for those who cut in line but such forbearance apparently has its limits when the queue-jumpers are government officials.  Read more

Chinese mining seeks investors

Increasing numbers of private and foreign investors with money and technology will come to Yunnan province to unlock the area’s rich reserves of minerals and energy sources, a senior official said.  Read more

Analysis: U.S. solar tariffs not slowing slide in panel prices

New U.S. import tariffs have prompted China’s solar panel makers to buy more expensive supplies elsewhere and avoid the new duties, but prices for the renewable energy equipment continue to decline.  Read more

China Shale Gas Is Lure for U.S. Firms

China’s shale-gas industry is still in its early days, with production nowhere near the commercial stage, but that hasn’t deterred foreign companies from trying to get in on the ground floor.  Read more

China says Great Wall is longer than previously thought

China now believes the Great Wall is 13,171 miles long, more than twice the previous estimation. The new measure elicits skepticism amid territorial disputes.  Read more

Buyers Bet Wen Can’t Keep Prices Down as Home Sales Gain

Sales at Sunac West Chateau, a residential project in Beijing, surged almost 50 percent in June as the developer opened new buildings to attract buyers betting on a recovery even as the government pledges to keep a lid on the housing market.  Read more

Eight Questions: Gerard Lemos, ‘The End of the Chinese Dream’

Beneath the polished image of a booming China, a different story is told of the unskilled and marginalized, displaced by development and factory consolidation. Read more


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