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Current Events in China: Spetember 4

Posted on | September 3, 2012 | Comments Off

Death of Chinese playboy leaves fresh scratches in party paintwork

A sordid tragedy involving a 20-something playboy, two scantily-clad women and a two-seater Ferrari has once again exposed the Communist Party’s challenges in hiding its dirty laundry in the information age.  Read more

Clinton tells Asean to unite vs China

US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton arrived in Indonesia on Monday hoping to encourage Southeast Asian nations to present a united front to the Chinese in dealing with territorial disputes in the West Philippine Sea (South China Sea).  Read more

CNPC Nears Resumption of Oil Projects in Sudan and S. Sudan

The two countries reach an agreement over transit fees, meaning production halted may start again after a year of delays.  Read more

Sinkholes a Growing Problem in Urban Areas, Say Experts

Sinkholes are becoming increasingly common hazards in some of China’s most populous cities, with experts pointing to poorly planned underground infrastructure as a major cause.  Read more

China’s “Tiger Dad” trains his 3-yr-old son

China’s “Tiger Dad” has been raising his three-year-old son with a severity at which even his fellow countrymen have cringed.  Read more

Chopped Liver, Gutter Oil and China’s Private Borrowers

China’s private businessmen are always bemoaning the fact that in the eyes of the state- run banking sector, they are chopped liver.  Read more


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