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Send Rat Infested Lyubov Orlova Ghost Ship to China

The Lyubov Orlova is a ghost ship that has been adrift in the North Atlantic for about a year.  It was built in 1976  and named after a Soviet female actress and singer.  Lyubov Orlova roughly translates to fallopian tubes, according to a pamphlet I found laying on the ground. The ship is believed to […]

China Current Events: December 16

China deploys ‘highly efficient’ rover onto Moon’s surface Experts say China’s ability to soft-land a spacecraft on the Moon represents a major step forwards for a country that appears determined to push deeper and deeper into space Dishwashers in high demand in Hong Kong amid shortage People who wash dishes at restaurants in Hong Kong […]

China Current Events April

Michael Jordan’s China Lawsuit Takes a Sad Turn You may recall that Michael Jordan sued a Chinese sportswear company in 2012, claiming that they infringed upon Jordan’s Chinese name and several logos that were similar to those used by Jordan or his sponsors.  Read more Asian Megacities. Seoul vs. Shanghai vs. Beijing Excellent/fascinating/incisive/development analysis of […]

China Current Events

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Current Events in China: April 1

Now In China’s Rivers: Decomposing Humans “Based on our overall measuring results in past years, water quality not only remained normal, but in some cases has even improved,” said Li Lei, deputy environmental bureau chief of Lanzhou, last week.  Read more China’s losing battle against state-backed polluters When Zijin Mining Group threatened to move its […]

Current Events in China: March 29

Why China Is Finally Abandoning Its One Child Policy One of the first announcements by the new administration taking charge in China this month was that the one child policy, which has been in effect since 1979, will be phased out. The end of this most repulsive of social policies is good news for human […]

Current Events in China: March 28

Video captures China sinkhole tragedy A 25-year-old man in China has died after a sinkhole opened up and swallowed him. See video Chinese navy makes waves in South China Sea A Chinese navy flotilla is conducting military drills at an island chain that is claimed by nearby Malaysia in a rare and provocative visit to […]

China Current Events: March 27

China, Vietnam Clash Over Disputed Islands China is once again at odds with a maritime neighbor over disputed islands, this time — as often — leading to a little shooting and a lot of posturing.  Read more China’s exploitation of Latin American natural resources raises concern Economic benefits countered by environmental damage and fears over […]

China Current Events: March 26

China Reportedly To Buy Russian Subs, Fighter Jets China has reportedly signed a deal to buy new submarines and Sukhoi Su-35 fighter jets from Russia, the first such arms deal in nearly a decade.  Read more Myanmar pivots uneasily away from China Long in the shadow of its powerful neighbor, the increasingly open, independent country […]

Current Events in China: March 25

Behind China’s Switch to High-End Exports As rising labor costs push manufacturing of T-shirts, jeans and the like out of China, the country has been able to offset that loss by grabbing the high end.  Read more Search for love in China fuels ‘ghost marriages’; grave robbing Wei Guohua finally found his Mrs. Right – […]

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      BusinessweekChina Faces Tricky Balance In Hong Kong's ProtestsHuffington PostBEIJING (AP) — Pro-democracy protests in Hong Kong have handed China's Communist leadership a thorny political dilemma. Beijing cannot crack down too harshly on the semi-autonomous territory where a freewheeling media ensures global visibility, but ...Not Even China's
    • British Drugmaker Caught in China Bribery Scheme - Voice of America September 29, 2014
      Voice of AmericaBritish Drugmaker Caught in China Bribery SchemeVoice of AmericaBritish pharmaceutical giant GlaxoSmithKline has been hit with the biggest fine ever imposed by the People's Republic of China for allegedly bribing doctors and others in China's medical system to use and prescribe the company's drugs. And, this came ...and more »
    • Microsoft Launches Xbox One In China Today - Forbes September 29, 2014
      ForbesMicrosoft Launches Xbox One In China TodayForbesFor the first time ever, Xbox has landed in China. For the past 14 years, the Chinese government has banned the sale of foreign-made video game consoles in China. That's one year longer than the Xbox brand has even existed. The Xbox One marks the first ...Xbox One finally debuts in ChinaCNETThe Xbox
    • Grey money from China helps blow our property bubble - Sydney Morning Herald September 29, 2014
      Sydney Morning HeraldGrey money from China helps blow our property bubbleSydney Morning HeraldIs there a housing bubble in Sydney and Melbourne? Of course there is. The two markets have been distorted for years by an influx of murky money coming from China, which should be of interest to the Foreign Investment Review Board. Except that the ...and more »
    • Censors in China keep mainlanders in dark about Hong Kong protests - Los Angeles Times September 29, 2014
      Censors in China keep mainlanders in dark about Hong Kong protestsLos Angeles TimesStriking photos, videos and news about Hong Kong's ongoing democracy protests and clashes with police have exploded across TV, radio, newspapers worldwide in recent days, to say nothing of Twitter, Facebook and other social media sites. But thanks to a ...
    • China Rejects Foreign Support of Pro-Democracy Protesters - Wall Street Journal September 29, 2014
      Wall Street JournalChina Rejects Foreign Support of Pro-Democracy ProtestersWall Street JournalChina rejected any foreign support for the Hong Kong pro-democracy demonstrators, saying the territory is part of Chinese territory and the matter is therefore a sovereign one. Hua Chunying, China's ministry of foreign affairs spokeswoman said that ...
    • In Creating 'Martyrs' Day,' China Promotes a Vision of the Past - New York Times September 29, 2014
      New York TimesIn Creating 'Martyrs' Day,' China Promotes a Vision of the PastNew York TimesBEIJING — Eager to bolster patriotism at a time of growing tensions with neighboring countries, China will celebrate a new holiday for the first time on Tuesday to memorialize people who died in battle against foreign powers. Government officials ...and
    • Education in China - The Economist (blog) September 29, 2014
      Education in ChinaThe Economist (blog)NEARLY 7m students began their courses at Chinese universities at the start of a new academic year this month. In line behind them, a new cohort is already cramming for next year's university entrance-examination, the notorious gaokao. But some young ...and more »
    • A Glum Sign for Apple in China, as Smuggled iPhones Go Begging - New York Times September 29, 2014
      New York TimesA Glum Sign for Apple in China, as Smuggled iPhones Go BeggingNew York TimesHONG KONG — When Apple's latest iPhones went on sale this month in Hong Kong, Singapore and New York, among the hip urbanites and tech-obsessed was another group clamoring for the devices: Chinese scalpers looking to make a premium by ...China cracks down on iPhone
    • Five Reasons India Shouldn't Worry About Its Trade Deficit With China - Forbes September 28, 2014
      India TodayFive Reasons India Shouldn't Worry About Its Trade Deficit With ChinaForbesAccording to statements made by Xi and Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi, China promised to help update India's railway system, establish industrial parks in the Indian states of Gujarat and Maharashtra, and open its markets to Indian products like ...Modi in Ne