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Current Events in China: April 6

Drought plagues 13 Chinese provinces China’s ongoing severe drought has hit 13 Chinese provinces, having an adverse impact on agricultural production, the country’s drought relief authorities said Thursday.  As of Thursday, the dry spell has left 7.82 million people and 4.58 million head of livestock without adequate drinking water in provinces including Yunnan, Sichuan, Hebei, […]

China Current Events: April 5

Giant feathered dinosaur Yutyrannus discovered in China It is by far the biggest feathered dinosaur ever to have been unearthed and raises intriguing questions as to why some of these scaly reptiles developed plumage. Three nearly complete skeletons of the dinosaur have been uncovered in beds of sediment in Liaoning province, northeastern China, scientists reported […]

China Current Events: April 3

Chinese Insider Offers Rare Glimpse of U.S.-China Frictions The senior leadership of the Chinese government increasingly views the competition between the United States and China as a zero-sum game, with China the likely long-range winner if the American economy and domestic political system continue to stumble, according to an influential Chinese policy analyst. China, Kazakhstan […]

China Current Events:

Weibo Comments Suspended in Coup Rumour Aftermath Following rumours of a coup by allies of dethroned Chongqing Party chief Bo Xilai, Xinhua reported on Saturday that authorities have taken action against a number of websites and individuals involved in the rumours’ spread: Beijing’s Taxicab Contention As economic expansion benefits China’s growing middle class, long stagnant […]

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    • US Army Protects China Ties Despite Tensions - March 6, 2015
      DefenseNews.comUS Army Protects China Ties Despite TensionsDefenseNews.comWASHINGTON — Worried about friction between US and Chinese armed forces in the air and at sea, the Pentagon's ground commander in the Pacific said he is "increasing the land force dialogue" as a communication lane between the two superpowers.and more »
    • Pollution Documentary Pulled From Chinese Websites - Wall Street Journal March 6, 2015
      Wall Street JournalPollution Documentary Pulled From Chinese WebsitesWall Street JournalBEIJING—A harrowing documentary on China's air pollution that became a viral sensation has been pulled from major Chinese online video sites by order of the government, according to people familiar with the directive. “Under the Dome,” which went ...China pulls smog
    • China's Big Boom In Small Companies - Huffington Post March 6, 2015
      China's Big Boom In Small CompaniesHuffington PostGao Ning sits in her spacious, meticulously decorated apartment on the outskirts of Beijing, amid matched sets of new furniture, wide-open floor spaces, and grand Chinese watercolor paintings adorning the walls. Gao, in her mid-30s, with long straight ...
    • China's Stock Connect Falls Short on Bets Against Shares - Wall Street Journal March 6, 2015
      Wall Street JournalChina's Stock Connect Falls Short on Bets Against SharesWall Street JournalA week after China allowed foreign investors to bet against shares on the mainland, no one had taken up the challenge. Industry officials say the rules that govern how the short selling should be done make it nearly impossible to bet against the stocks.HKEx CEO
    • China's Lower Growth Goal Doesn't Spook Foreign Companies - Wall Street Journal March 6, 2015
      Wall Street JournalChina's Lower Growth Goal Doesn't Spook Foreign CompaniesWall Street JournalCompanies operating in China largely took the government's forecast of slowing growth in stride, with those reliant on business and government spending offering gloomier forecasts than companies focused on consumer demand. Chinese Premier Li ...and m
    • China on Long, Slow Road to Reform - Wall Street Journal March 6, 2015
      Wall Street JournalChina on Long, Slow Road to ReformWall Street JournalThe annual budget and policy program, unveiled by the government Thursday, acknowledged China's entrance to an era of slower growth and outlined the need for new sources of job creation by nurturing innovative small businesses. “The government ...China to narrow gap with US by incre
    • Humbled Amazon turns to rival Alibaba for help in China - Fortune March 6, 2015
      FortuneHumbled Amazon turns to rival Alibaba for help in ChinaFortuneWhen Amazon released results that disappointed Wall Street across the board in the third quarter, analyst Aram Rubinson of Wolfe Research estimated Amazon's loses in China were $600 million a year. “The time has come to abandon China,” he wrote in a ...Amazon opens second shop on Aliba
    • China's New Silk Road and Its Impact on Xinjiang - The Diplomat March 6, 2015
      The DiplomatChina's New Silk Road and Its Impact on XinjiangThe DiplomatChina's New Silk Road is of interest to the West largely because of the great power rivalry that appears to be once again emerging in the Central Asian region. Some pundits have suggested that China may well be displacing the U.S. and Russia in Central ...and more »
    • China: 10 injured in rush-hour railway knife attack - CNN March 6, 2015
      CNNChina: 10 injured in rush-hour railway knife attackCNNChen Huichao, a police officer among those injured, told Xinhua, China's official news agency, that he fired three shots and another colleague fired five shots at the suspects. "A suspect was running from the exit of the railway station and chasing a ...Nine hurt in China station knife attack
    • Iron Ore Sinks as China Ushers in Slower Growth - Wall Street Journal March 6, 2015
      Wall Street JournalIron Ore Sinks as China Ushers in Slower GrowthWall Street JournalSYDNEY—As China's top officials heralded a new era of slower growth, iron ore, a resource that has powered years of breakneck expansion in the world's second-largest economy, bore the brunt of ill sentiment in commodity markets. The steelmaking ...Iron ore falls be