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Current Events in China: August 11

Chinese police ‘admit’ Gu Kailai cover-up: official Four Chinese police officers on Friday admitted in court to covering up the killing of a British businessman to protect the wife of a senior politician charged with his murder, an official said.  Read more China export growth slows to 1% China’s trade and domestic demand have weakened […]

China Current Events: July 27

Gu Kailai poisoned Neil Heywood ‘after he threatened her son’ The wife of one of China’s most senior political leaders has been charged with murdering the British businessman Neil Heywood over his alleged threat to her son’s “personal security”, state media announced yesterday.  Read more China develops attack copter, denies piracy allegations China today confirmed […]

China Current Events: June 27

Bo Xilai denies knowledge of how Neil Heywood died in China The disgraced Chinese politician Bo Xilai has told government investigators he has no knowledge of the circumstances surrounding the mysterious death of British businessman Neil Heywood, The Daily Telegraph understands.  Read more Cover up, Shanghai metro tells women An appeal by the Shanghai subway […]

Current Events in China: June 21

China denies military drill with Russia, Syria, Iran China on Wednesday said there was no truth to an Iranian media report about a joint military drill involving China, Russia, Syria and Iran.  Read more Russia jails two men for giving China nuke secrets Russia has jailed two university professors for passing top secret information on […]

China Current Events: June 20

Neil Heywood scandal widens to Cambodia as Patrick Devillers arrested The investigation into the murder of the British businessman Neil Heywood took another twist after it emerged that the former business partner of his alleged killer had been arrested in Cambodia.  Read more China dissatisfied over Vietnam’s island patrols: spokesman A spokesman for China’s Foreign […]

China Current Events: May 24

Human Rights Watch condemns mainland’s ‘X-Men’ para-police Human Rights Watch on Wednesday condemned a Chinese “para-police” force nicknamed “X-Men” by the local media, accusing it of rampant brutality and illegal detentions for even minor offences.  Read more Technology Reaches Remote Tibetan Corners, Fanning Unrest The young Buddhist monk, his voice hushed and nervous, was discussing […]

Current Events in China: May 7

Newspaper ‘apologizes’ for criticizing US in Chen Guangcheng affair A prominent Chinese newspaper has posted a cryptic apology on its microblog account, supposedly for publishing a scathing article criticizing the American government’s handling of the Chen Guangcheng affair, and appearing to suggest that it may have been pressured into writing the editorial by the Chinese […]

China Current Events: April 29

Neil Heywood: new details emerge of British business dealings of Chinese woman suspected of murder The death of Neil Heywood has come under fresh scrutiny after a Sunday Telegraph investigation unearthed details of the British business dealings of the Chinese woman suspected of his murder.  Read more Dissident Chen Guangcheng ‘chased by undercover Chinese agents’ […]

China Current Events: April 27

Chinese army to safeguard national marine rights China’s armed forces will work closely with fishery and maritime supervision agencies to jointly safeguard national marine rights and interests, a Defense Ministry spokesman said here Thursday.  Read more Chinese farmer builds wind-powered car A 55-year-old man in China built himself a wind-powered car using 10,000 Yuan (S$2,000). […]

Current Events in China: April 25

China, South Sudan vow to promote ties Chinese President Hu Jintao held talks with South Sudanese President Salva Kiir Mayardit on Tuesday afternoon in Beijing, agreeing to expand cooperation and advance friendly ties.  Read more Bo Xilai’s wife ‘was in the room when Neil Heywood was poisoned’ Bo Xilai’s’s wife Gu Kailai, accused of murdering […]

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